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the design process

The Design Process explained…

This information serves as a guide, depending on the nature & scope of your project or development,

there may be additional stages to get to the construction stage.



Initial Consultation

  • We invite you for an initial obligation free consultation; let us discuss your requirements in detail, offering good advice to assist you with your design brief. With extensive experience in a wide range of architectural designs & style and construction materials, you will be well informed to make your decision. We look forward to meeting you.
  • Spend up to 1 Hour with us, our place or yours, we will endeavor to work around a time that works for you. We will talk and discuss your ideas & designs and also the feasibility of the project including LGA requirements or any other known site specific conditions.Cost: $220 (including GST) No contracts, No obligation.
  • Spend up to 2 Hour with us, our place or yours, we will endeavor to work around a time that works for you. We will talk and discuss your ideas & designs and also the feasibility of the project including LGA requirements or any other known site specific conditions.Unlimited hand sketches & ideas are included so that you can better understand your project.Cost: $330 (including GST) No contracts, No obligation.Booking in advance is a good idea

Stage 2

Fee Proposal

  • Before we prepare our fee proposal based on our initial meeting, we will get in touch with your Council – Local Governing Authority or Body (LGA); and look at the requirements set out in the Development Control Plan/Policy (DCP) & Local Environmental Policy (LEP) to ensure the viability of your project.
  • A written comprehensive Fixed Fee proposal is prepared, taking into consideration of all relevant drawing and/or reports. We ensure that our scope of works addresses the checklist – nowadays a requirement to any lodgement. If you need more information, please talk to us.


Site Inspection

  • Once you have accepted our Fee Proposal/quotation, we get in contact with you to arrange for a site. Although this is not always necessary, the site visit gives a better understanding of any site conditions and constraints; surrounding environment so the most suitable site specific design can be achieved.
  • We can also engage a Registered Surveyor to carry out a Detailed Level Survey (AHD). This option is stated in our Fee Proposal, should you wish us to take care of this. But we are flexible; please consult with us, as the survey needs to meet certain guidelines and requirements.


Conceptual Design

  • We are now ready to formalise your ideas…
  • We discuss the following:
    Life Style...how best is the design brief suited to your life style, Look at future expansion possibilities, Look at floor space ratio, living & entertaining areas, to bedroom space, etc.
  • Propose a design that addresses design features for warmth in winter and cooling in summer
  • We then submit our preliminary design for your comment and approval, so that we can move to the next stage of the design process…


Design Development

  • With your input & comments from “Stage 4”, the initial concept design; we move to the Design Development stage.
  • With you input, we now have a design Layout that suit your life style. We are now working on a design that is unique to you.
  • The scope of works covered in this stage includes:
    Finalise concept design, Preparation of Preliminary drawings, including Plans (1:100), Elevations & Sections
  • Define & establish the proposed Building Envelope, setbacks etc.
  • Review materials and finishes – Consultation of Structural Engineer (if required)
  • We look at the following:
    Allowable building height (envelope), Floor Space ratio, setbacks, open spaces, etc., Privacy issues such as overlooking & Overshadowing
  • Options on materials & finishes


Building Approval; Development Application (DA)

  • We develop comprehensive planning documentation (as listed on our Fee proposal) to support your application. We can also arrange meetings and attend Council hearings on your behalf. As mentioned earlier, we are flexible and we listen to your needs…
  • The scope of works covered in this stage includes: The preparation of relevant Drawings & Documentation, as required; for Development Application (DA). We ensure that all relevant drawings & documentations are prepared for lodging the DA with the Local Council or Authority. The drawings and documentations are based on finalised drawings at Stage: Design Development.


Working Drawings & Documentation

  • In addition to the DA drawings and documentation, we prepare detailed plans, elevations, sections etc. capturing your thoughts/ideas onto paper.
  • In our Opinion, the following Drawings & Documents, as a minimum (in addition to approved DA Documentation) form a full set of detailed design documents for building construction.Electrical & Lighting Plan, Reflected Ceiling Plan, Doors Schedule, Windows Schedule, Wet Area,Plan & Elevations, Kitchen Plan & Elevation, Standard Residential Building Specification.
  • Client requirements vary and we suggest that documentation for this stage be discussed in detail, as these become a critical part of the building contract. We would recommend a full set of detailed design documents be prepared for building construction.


Construction Phase

  • We are available to assist with the tender and construction process,
  • We can also assist you in selecting a suitable building contractor (the builder).
  • Our service also extends into Project Management; we monitor your projects throughout the construction phase. We are NOT done until the project is completed until you move in.


Construction Monitoring

  • We are on YOUR side: Our Project Management services typical include:
    Administration, Construction Planning, Works staging Site Supervision


Defects Inspection List/Report

  • We inspect the completed project and prepare a Defects list/Report, and hand this over to you. Should there be any defects that need attention, we will communicate with the Builder to address this and prepare an action list.

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